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photo by @nadiadiaspora

photo by @nadiadiaspora

Sundus Alfe is a socially-motivated artist redefining the idea of beauty as we know it through her burgeoning, Brooklyn based photography business.

True to her experience having grown up both in the United States and the Middle East, Sundus leverages her unique perspective on the fallacy of monolithic beauty standards to instead provide a canvas for the celebration of beauty beyond societal blinders. Sundus has seen first-hand how notions of beauty are often used to unjustly coerce women into unattainable beauty standards at the expense of self-worth.

With this in mind, she actively seeks to represent women and individuals of all backgrounds in her photography, hoping to give her audience a social media platform they can personally identify with and use to celebrate themselves.

Working intimately with BabyFist, Sundus has had fortune to spearhead the conceptualization and implementation of the brand’s photography aesthetic. As the photographer behind BabyFist’s clothing line, she visualizes, directs, and executes photoshoots and discussion groups that embody the brand’s values and desire to disrupt the status-quo.

Sundus has been proud to work with start-up brands, aspiring and established models and influencers, and other passionate artists within the fashion field. Notably, Sundus’s work has been published in:

  • Vice Media’s i-D Magazine, featuring her photoshoot for BabyFist and discussion she led regarding Arab identity and feminism

  • Coulture Magazine, a lifestyle and fashion magazine featuring her self-love photoshoot project over a ten-page spread

  • The Hub as one of 20 POC photographers on the rise

  • Her work was also featured in the Flowers of Evil exhibition in Poland, which showcased the work of 20 minority female artists from around the world

  • She has also worked on sponsored photoshoots for TargetTag, Tory Burch, and Skagen.

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my services



I offer services for brands who are looking for a reliable and dedicated photographer.

Contact me with the following information for rates:

  • Quick overview of your brand. Who is your target population? What are your values?

  • How many and what kind of models are you looking for? Will you be providing them, or will I have to find them?

  • Photos of all the pieces you will need photographed

  • What theme are you interested in? We can work on this together, but it’s good to have an idea of your expectations so I can location scout and prepare props and a mood board.

  • Your budget for the photoshoot


Whether you are looking for a consistent photographer or a one time session, I can offer you a quick photoshoot that showcases your outfit(s) and provides you new, diverse content for your blog and social media. My standard blogger photoshoot is 45-minutes to 1-hour in a general location featuring 2-3 outfits.

Contact me with the following information for rates:

  • What themes are you interested in?

  • How many products or outfits do you want to showcase?

  • Are your products or outfits sponsored?

  • Will this be a one-time session, or are you looking for a consistent, go-to photographer?


I love working with established or aspiring models. My standard model photoshoot is 1-2 hours for 2 different looks.

Contact me with the following information for rates;

  • Are you signed with an agency? If so, which agency?

  • Do you have experience modeling, or are you new to modeling? If you’re new to modeling, are you trying to establish a modeling portfolio?

  • What kind of shots do you need for your portfolio?

  • Are you interested in having a stylist and makeup artist? This is an additional, charged service so I can pay the stylist and makeup artist for their services.



Would you like to cherish a precious memory, or simply celebrate yourself? I offer services for individual portrait sessions, best friend sessions, graduation sessions, couple sessions, and more! My standard session is 1-2 hours, 1-2 locations, and 1-2 outfits.

Contact me with the following information for rates:

  • What kind of shoot will this be?

  • How many people will be in the shoot?

  • What outfits are you planning on wearing? I will provide consultation to help you choose outfits that will match your desired theme and location.

  • Do you already have a location in mind, or would you like me to location scout and provide suggestions?



I have never done a photoshoot before. I'm nervous. How should I prepare? 

Please don't be nervous! As a photographer, it's my job to make the photoshoot as fun and easy as possible. Most people are nervous for the first ten minutes or so before they pull out some real supermodel moves! The best thing you can do is provide me with as much information about what kind of photoshoot you're interested in. I will help you with styling, sending inspiration pictures, and location scouting during your consultation.

Posing tips: relax your shoulders, use dynamic movements instead of static poses, and have fun!  

Can I have the raw files so I can edit the photos myself?

I do not release raw or unedited files. Releasing raw files would be like handing over incomplete artwork. Raws are not the final product and do not represent my work.

Additionally, I request that clients abstain from making any edits to the final photos I deliver. I work hard on editing the photos to represent my work and style. This request is specified in the contract you will sign upon booking.


How can I reserve my spot? 

Your spot will not be secured until you have paid a nonrefundable deposit worth 50% of your photoshoot package. The other 50% will be due the day of the photoshoot. Please make sure you arrive on time — your session will begin and end at your specified time. Arriving late does not mean your session will begin late.

Do you provide proofs? 

Yes! It's very important for me to allow you to choose which photos you like best. I will send you low resolution proof sheets with photos from the session, and you will choose a number of photos for me to edit and deliver to you as the final images. 


Where do you deliver photos? How long does it take to edit? 

Any additional questions are answered and outlined in the contract you will sign upon booking.


Don't see your question? contact me here.


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Please expect 24-48 hours for a response. 

I look forward to creating together!

♡, Sundus

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